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Saturday, 12 July 2008

13 more winter days..although the northern summer looks remarkably similar

Today's 22 km TT race was fureeeeezing and windy. Held at Lang Lang it was flat and open apart from a mild hill close to the start. What made it a really cruel race of truth was the side wind, head wind, side wind and finally tail wind and the plummeting temp/wind chill factor. A quick look back to the pix of the course on last weekend's post shows how little of it was a full tail wind..just the last short leg.

The first 6km leg was ok apart from trouble with my gearing..I need to spend more time on the bike to get used to it. I caught my minute man just before the first turn..there had been a strong wind coming from my left during that first leg (maybe the front 4 spoke was not the best choice) and then on the turn it hit me full in the face. I managed to pass my 2 minute man and then was overtaken by my minute man who was clearly stronger into the wind.

On the second turn, out of the head wind and with now a fierce wind coming from my right, I started to peg him back (the most he got on me was about 100m). He and I then passed 3 people and finally over the last couple of km's I gradually pegged him back again, passing him just before the finish. I think he was a bit surprised! I do so lerv beating guys in TT's ! I look forward to seeing how my time stacked up against other riders.. when the results hit the web site.

So 22km in about 36minutes. The rest of the field then went on to ride another race in the afternoon, while I drove home. NP was 195 watts..max of 472 (start up) and a min of 29 (corners). HR was at ~160 mostly with a high of 170. My warm up remains a problem area, especially when the start is delayed.

Best part of the day...real coffee at registration, both before and after the race...totally brilliant.

Tomorrow's training is 2.5 hrs..probably fully rugged up against the cold..and afterwards...gardening...groan.


sparkes said...

Liz all the best for os. Really enjoying your blog. Hopefully you are updating it whilst over there. 2 suggestions: sore throat: thrush? and strap and CPU get from wheelbuilder a lot cheaper. Tanya

sparkes said...
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asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hey Tanya! tnx for suggestions. The throat has finally cleared up..and my hand is better.
re: a new Pt HRM strap, I tried to get info off the page but could only find wheel/PT combos. Saris has the deal at a good price but for some reason I can't post to UK and am waiting for an email from them..2 ignored emails have put a dent in their normally reliable customer service record.

And yes, I will be keeping the blog going during my OS trip.