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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Can't wait to leave this cold weather behind....

It's freezing my toes off. Snow in Ballaarat and Daylesford so I guess I shouldn't really complain but the sub zero temps here in suburban Melbourne are getting to me.

Coming home from M Lash's garage suffer fest last night I wouldn't have been surprised to see blue/black toes when I finally managed to prise my shoes off. And of course I was very cold because I'd been sweating buckets as I grovelled through 15 1 min efforts of >240watts at 90 rpm. The wattage was no biggie, but as a grinder/masher from waaay back, the combo of wattage at 90 rpm got me concentrating hard. I did it though, so that was a positive helped along by visualisation.....each time it got hard I pictured myself over the final stretch of the road race course at St Johann.

Despite the training going well, my body is beginning to fray at the edges a bit. On Thursday I saved an amputee patient from falling...he has an above knee amputation and his mechanical knee collapsed...and since then I have had a swollen right hand. Also I've had a sore throat for 10 comes and goes...gets worse at work by the end of the day but is okay during the morning. Makes me think its an allergy type thing rather than a virus or infection. It was fine at home over the weekend ...soooo....allergic to work!!!!???? Consequently when I think I need to see the doctor, its already too late to make an appointment and in the morning I think its gone.......
The hand problem has me absenting myself from my Wednesday kettle bell and pilates sessions, so I'll add an ergo session in front of the TV watching the TdF time trial DVD instead.

Not long now....12 days at the salt mine, 16 days all up ...not that I'm counting.....but I do need to get away from work for a while, I'm getting very irritable. Lesson learned from this year and a part of the reason for my high level of irritability...NEVER, EVER volunteer to be in charge of getting a new uniform up and running.

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