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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Very tired plus a meeting with a lot of people in a small room =URTI

An "URTI" for the non medical is an upper respiratory tract infection. If you're an Australian male or need to big note your sickness such as when you're ringing in to work then its "the 'flu" or a "sinus infection" but to the rest of us its a "cold".

So when I returned to work on Tuesday dead tired after the long weekend and had to sit through a seminar in a small room with far too many people crammed in, then I guess it was inevitable that 3 days later I would be suffering.

During the pig out with Alex at the Pancake Parlour on Friday evening after going to see "Prince Caspian" it was evident that I was in for a bad and boring weekend. So... cancel the hair cut, cancel going to celebrate Lawrence's birthday on Saturday evening, cancel everything except DVD watching and surfing the net to plan the section of my holidays that is a week in Flanders visiting the cobbles of the Spring Classics, the WW1 trenches and Waterloo.

The new motorway called Eastlink opens for a bike race today. It is a long awaited toll road (well the road is long awaited, the toll part was a nasty surprise). that joins the Eastern suburbs to the Peninsular and the bay and for us cyclists, Beach road has now got alot closer...either by car or via the bike path beside the toll road. When I first arrived in Melbourne in 1972, the proposed route of this road was already printed in the street maps of the that's how long we've been waiting for this particular road to be built.

There's both a race and 3 rides along this road today, before its opened to cars. I'd opted not to spend $$$$ on it but was sorta regretting that decision as the day got closer but now I'm relieved since I'm not up for a ride anyway never mind a ~65km ride/race. Rumour is that ~25,000 people have registered to ride it!

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