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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Following Trent

I well remember when I first started racing MTB ..probably 10 years ago now....there were these dirts crits held on a Wednesday evening not too far from where I worked. There's little I recall about the races except for 2 things... I was so green that Ben had to tell me to not to sit going down the hills and there was this skinny little 13-14 yr who was very fast and who was giving the older guys a lot of grief......Trent Lowe. Actually he gave me alot to think about too.. I recall puffing up the back hill on a warm up lap and who should pass me but Trent, coolly popping a wheelie the whole way up!!!..cheeky bugger I thought.

But Trent is a really nice guy... I don't expect young guys like him to remember old farts like me, but when I last saw him late last year warming up for the last race of the Bay Crits (I think) he chatted, knew who I was, remembered my name etc other words he's the sort of person you barrack for not only because he lived in the next suburb, or that you knew him when he was a kid and I have happily followed his career both in MTB and later on the road with Discovery Channel and now with Slipstream Chipotle. So I was 100% delighted to discover that he is to ride Le Tour and I now have 2 Melbourne guys to barrack for him and Cadel.

I can see this July is going to be one where my DVD recorder will be working full blast. As an apprentice/water boy, I guess Trent will not feature too much but with SBS increasing their delivery of the tour (due the emergence of Aussie pros as a major force in the pro ranks) we will hopefully be seeing more than just the highlights and may catch the occasional glimpse.

Despite all their foibles and failings, listening to Paul, Mike and Phil is much looked forward to July event in my house.


Le Blaireau said...

Always a good thing if they don't forget us little people

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

The Paul and Phil show will certainly make mention when they can, but the pictures we get are well beyond their control, so actually seeing Trent will depend on how his leader is riding...