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Monday, 5 May 2008

Farewell to the rest week..hullo hard work!

I arrived back home from the Nats on Anzac day in the early afternoon...its such a boring drive, I had to stop at regular intervals just to wake the concentration up. Road works/widening the road to freeway standard on the NSW side of the border added time to an already far too long journey. I even turned off at Euroa instead of Benalla to alter the routine.

So the schwag from the trip was a fist full of medals, some $$$$ winnings and a koala from the competition, a second hand newer version replacement for my terminally ill phone(Cash Converters), some fitness gear(Rebel) and a pair of trousers for work(DJ's)......AND a scruffy dint on the right rear panel of my car where the post in the apartment's underground car park leapt out and hit me. Doh!

The after effects of the comp were interesting...part of me thought I was ready to train and on Sunday I suited up to go out, but part of me didn't wanna know and much, much later I realised it was not gunna happen and so I took off the cycling gear...sniggering to myself just how dumb can one be....5 comps in 10 days and a solo 8 hour drive...who do you think you are...superwoman?

Since then its been rest and recuperation on the training front, but 200% effort at work, where I have been seconded to being a mentor for the roll out of our new model of care for 3 half days a week and am heading up/creating a "Staff User Group" to provide a conduit from staff to Exec and also create a "Wellness" program for staff...first job is to find a better name for it...SUG is not a good sound!!

The R&R bit came to a screeching halt on Saturday with a long session on the track with Rick's coaching group. I burnt all of my matches, the final one being trying to catch up when the person in front of me in the motorpacing group couldn't keep up, leaving me too big a gap to bridge and still have legs ....

Yesterday was another hard effort day..the workout was 2.5 hrs max with unspecified efforts and a wide range of wattage. Since I needed to buy some winter gear, I opted to ride to Le Knicks then into town and catch the train home. My ride south along Springvale road was so strong and fast I had to check to see if I had a tailwind (no!)...geez did I feel good. I turned west and cruised along to the Mordy end of Beach road and eased along until the road turned upwards, then attacked again feeling super great.

The retail therapy was successful..I bought a wind proof jacket with detachable sleeves for $99 (was $155) and an undershirt with a wind proof front for rather more $$$! as a reward for yet again spending mega bucks there I got a free pair of socks..always gratefully received. No excuses now for not venturing forth in crap weather.

The cruise to Flinders Street station along St Kilda road was easy and I dozed in the train on the way home.

Tuesday brings me to the first of my ergo sessions in the vomitorium under the watchful eye of Mr Lash...Lawrence's coach. Brad has "kindly" agreed to ensure I don't pike out in these important workouts, as I tend to do......will there be carrots?.....

And Thursday is for fine tuning on my TT bike to see how the wattage changes between positions...on the extensions and not...this as a result of me feeling underpowered in the recent TT race. Interestingly having changed cranks from the too long 172.5 to my usual 170' saddle height is still correct......?


Le Blaireau said...

I hate it when stationary objects decide to move!!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said... too. Its happened before. I wonder if they move when there are no cars around.