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Monday, 5 May 2008

Sometimes you just have to wonder.....

......what it is about me that total strangers feel the need to try to be funny, or even downright personal .

On Friday I went to the Newsagents to buy a bike magazine whereupon the guy behind the counter said why do you want that going to ride the Tour de France? I'd just about settled a "WTF are you on about" look on my face when his offsider said nah! she's Cadel Evans!

Guess *they* thought they were funny.

Then yesterday while out for my ride, I was minding my own business sitting at the lights in St Kilda waiting for them to turn green when some Irish twerp asked me if "I had a licence for that thing?" so once again.....WTF?...what was there about me that was attracting all these middle aged idiots to try and be SOOOOO rib achingly funny?

Half an hour later I was struggling with the ticket machine at Flinders Street station..( I rarely use public transport), when a ditto aged guy strolled up to help and in passing asked me how old I was!!!!!!!!

Geez.....where did that come from?!
Then a couple of months ago one of my patients told me I looked just like her cousin (who just happened to be 101 years old!!!).

Lucky I have:
1. a thick skin
2. a sense of humour

1 comment:

Lawrence said...

I think you should read this:

People can't handle radical women.. whatever radical means them.

But you are now of "the age" where you should be bowling.complete with those nunnery style black shoes and silly white cap, not trouncing around the countryside in a skinsuit on a flash bike.