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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Woo Hoo! back in action

I've put together 3 consecutive days of training and am still feeling human...2 sessions on the ergo and today a four hour session on the track.

Mind you 4 hours track training equates to about 90 mins on the road, but we did 2 sets of "catch ups" (4 efforts each) plus 4 standing starts and 1/2 laps and a long warm up and down. Each catch up effort was a >2 lap grovel and I swear everyone sped up whenever it was my turn.

Given my more than somewhat rested state I had to refuse the offer of a motorpacing session...I'd had enough! However despite my lack of top end endurance, my form was not bad (Andy Coggin-speak).

Tomorrow is gallop into the hills with Fixmawheel then maybe laps on the track to check out my race wheels.

The headsets for our new TT bikes have arrived and Alex already has his in and so his bike is almost rideable. I'm waiting for Ben to return from his downhill comp weekend, and if he's still alive I hope he'll do mine for me.....

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