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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Dementia alert! deaf too.

I might be back in training but...(or maybe its because I AM back in training....)

Dementia alert 1

This Wednesday I steamed a load of potatoes and cauliflower in our veggie steamer...but forgot to put water in the pan.....luckily Alex came home and commented on the odd smell...

Dementia alert 2

On Thursday at 5pm I was taking part in a teleconference and decided to make some coffee..the urn was off so I used the microwave. However, although I DID remember to put the coffee in the mug, I forgot the water. There was no milk, so I stopped the microwave before any damage was done.

Dementia alert 3

On Friday while driving to work I noticed a REALLY odd noise. It was only there while the car was moving. I stopped 3 times to see if the tyres were flat or if I was dragging something along...couldn't find anything wrong. Finally,as it seemed to be getting louder and I was worried, 'cos I couldn't for the life of me recall replenishing oil or water for...EVER, I drove to my friendly garage man....Adam. I told him the story and quick as a flash he bent down and pulled out the rather large branch that had been hiding under my car.
And I'm not even a blonde.


I've lived in Aus since 1972. When I first came here, there was some mutual difficulty with vowel sounds. For example when I said my surname Randall, everyone thought I was saying was that Pommie plum getting in the way. And I was tickled to see signs outside Greek greengrocers advertising that they were selling Pampkins.

So here I am 36 years on and I still have an English accent to Aussie ears, although when I visit the UK I'm told I have a lovely Australian accent...its all in what you're used to hearing.

Or so I thought.

Until today when I decided either I've gone deaf or this is Dementia 4 as while in the supermarket I was convinced the guy near me was asking if they sold carrots (I must say I thought it a weird question)...until he repeated it and I realised he was asking for kerosene! Carrots...kerosene....?

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