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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Melbourne hit by wild winds

Yesterday we were whipped by the peripheral flick of Cyclone Pancho which had been hanging around the ocean near West Australia for a while and finally made its way towards Tasmania and consequently to us here in Melbourne.

The result was...dust storms and high winds causing a really weird cast to the light and the uprooting or breaking of many many trees. We are used to frequent changes in our weather- we are known to have "four seasons in one day"- but we don't get much really violent weather such as other parts of the world have.

Our trees are very vulnerable especially after many years of drought:

Here at my place we had 3 large branches hit the ground, but luckily none onto the house or garage. One of them was carried a ways from the tree it came from..must have been SOME blast of wind that one!!!

All pix lovingly ripped from the readers pix section of our daily newspaper The AGE

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