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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Some days you should have stayed in bed

..but how do you know which day that is until it's too late?

Monday was one such day...road TT day.

I guess I should've known when instead of taking the Pennant Hills Road to Hornsby and beyond, I found myself driving to the velodrome..........clearly on auto pilot and 180 degrees the wrong way....

and it was raining...just like the day before when I'd reccied the course..only this time it was a serious comp day..and not only was it raining, there was thunder and lightning too...grrrreat!

So I set up the trainer under the awning of the close-by shop along with several other interstaters...the knowing locals had hired a nearby hall..and warmed up. Then I took the TT bike out for a final check up spin and discovered to my horror that there was a problem with the cluster on the Corima 4 rattled. This was about 15 minutes before I had to be ready to I went for the lightweight Reynolds and discovered the brakes were set too close and I couldn't even get it in...shit shit shit!..grabbed the Kysrium training wheel ...phew...success. Quick check that the gears would work and I was off...all seemed ok on the beaut new Blue TT bike although I think my possie is too aero and I've lost a bit of power as a result...then on a sloggy uphill I realised the back brake was rubbing...the wheel was not correctly I had to slow down and make a daring adjustment and decided there'd just have to be no more braking til the end of the race.

But the damage was done and I was passed by my 1 and 2 min "men"...ah well. Silver in WMAS 7 in a truly slow time. Eventually I got back to the car to discover that I'd left the tail gate door open...wide open!

So that was the TT. Other items of interest...its been so wet there the dams are overflowing and I haven't seen that in Victoria for years and there were leeches in the grass behind my car and consequently on my shoes....yeeetch.

Today it was s'posed to be the Crit...but it was considered to be too dangerous in the pouring rain and so has been cancelled until tomorrow.

So I have a day off today and have celebrated it by fixing the voicemail and internet access on the "new to me" phone I bought from Cash Converters...a newer version of my terminally ill Palm Pilot..more injured than ill since I kept dropping it.

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