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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Delayed crit in the wet

Well. I don't want to hear bad things about Melbourne weather from Sydneysiders EVER AGAIN!!!!! It's rained every day we've been here and I swear I'm getting foot rot...or would be if I were a cow. I've just about HAD racing in the pouring rain.

The women's crit was cancelled yesterday due to the weather and it looked very doubtful again today, but we it was fine..lets do it.

So after agreeing to just 20mins+ 3 laps instead of 30+3, WMAS 6 and 7 started off and the first thing that became obvious was it was cleaner being out front..I'd opted not to wear glasses and was glad of the decision. While warming up I'd decided that if we were together on the last lap I'd attack straight after the corners as I'm a bit slow in the acceleration department.....and that's exactly what I did and I thought I had it won right to the last mm, when Julia passed me. ..beaten by the shortest half head possible. Both she and I thought she'd won but the commissaires said I had, so it went to a photo and she, rightfully, got the nod. However since she's WMAS6 and I'm 7 we both got gold. Next year I'll be WMAS that's really old...i just hope these young things(!) realise they're being beaten /challenged by such an old, old fossil.

I'm in a quandary for the road race tomorrow..our race (WMAS5+) starts at 15.15..we're the last group. The race is held on a car race track, which may well be a bit slippery in the wet....and the forecast is for yet more rain.......

So, do I:
  • not bother and just go straight home (its a full day's drive to Melb) or
  • risk life and limb and race, then drive part way home..hmmm....will there be vacancies at motels since it's the beginning of Anzac day long weekend.....
Hmmmm again.

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