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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Ready? yup!

So last night after work, I took the as yet un-named babe out on the Blackburn outdoor track which just happens to be about 200m from where I work.

There was a glimmer of sunlight about at the start of my 30 min session and so I was able to catch a glimpse of my shadow and saw that I was more than somewhat aggressively horizontal. Now whether this works out to be an optimal position for power will be something that will get worked out over the winter months in my once a month TT races and aero testing. Anyhow the bike felt good and unless there is a screaming downhill on the course, where I might feel a bit threatened, I should be fine. One good thing, my knees don't hit the base bar when I stand up like they did on the Teschner.

A quick dash home and finish packing the car was then the order of the day. Alex thought it hysterical how many wheels I was taking..but since I need training and racing wheels for 4 distinct types of races and I'm alone in a full sized station wagon, I'm not about to leave anything behind that I must just conceivably need!!! If I hadn't already packed the camera, I'd have a photo..maybe later.

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Chris said...

Liz good luck with the hour project. I held the Canadian record for years, though I think it was just too cold for anyone else to try!
Anyways you may want to check out a film about a Canadian woman, she won the sprint olympic gold when she was almost 40. Great story of someone doing it on their own.
Check it out and ride hard!
Chris Wilberg