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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sick Liz , Flea sick....this is a VERY bad day for me

I am never sick (well usually 1 cold/year and consequently I am the proud possessor of ~ 3,000 sick leave hours), but today I am sick again.

2 weeks ago I was crook..sinuses/hay fever type illness then yesterday as I left work I barked out this disconcertingly fruity cough.did that come from me? surely not. Later that evening I was totally pathetic in my exercise class...I just can't do it, I whined. I'm getting worse not better, I whinged.

Then during the night I was beset by really weird dreams plus the alternating sweat/ shiver mode and I realised that this time I wasill enough to be OFF WORK (sorta yippee). I might even be able to say I had the 'flu(!)

A trip to the doctor confirmed that really are ill, Liz.... you have a fever and an URTI. Oh thank you, no wonder I feel so crap!!....parting with $60 for the pleasure of a doctor's work cert made me feel even sicker.

I've been ill now for all of approx 18hrs and I'm fed up of it..I've got my sick cert...can I feel better now please?

So that's the first "sick" in the title. The second one?

I have 2 cats..
Flea is a slightly built athletic hunter; Pippi is all girl and princess..she has the "fat" gene.
Flea hunts; Pippi eats.
Flea grazes; Pippi asks for and would eat food all day long.
When Flea eats too much he vomits. When Pippi eats too much she just looks very happy.

Over night the cats are barricaded into a part of the house that has the kitchen, laundry and computer room and with access to the great outdoors via a cat door. When I come down in the morning previous experience has taught me to pause at the kitchen door to ensure there's no cat kill for me to step on.

Today there was no cat kill but when I finally sat down at the computer I put my bare foot right onto something extremely squishy and disgusting..... eeeeeeeeeew, yeeeetch

What I'd like to know is when Flea has a VERY large are of wooden floor to vomit on why oh why does he chose the very small carpeted computer room to do his upchucking?..and why where I can't see it?

Things can only get better.


Colin Griffiths said...

I hope that you and the cat gets well soon!

Lawrence said...

You must be sick - your site has gone all green!!!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

lapse of judgement plus you've grabbed the best one and I can't be seen to be slavishly following you....
and why do I manage to be ill on a stinking hot day , when I could be at work in air conditioned comfort?