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Monday, 10 March 2008

Helpful info regarding my powertap

Sitting staring at my really weird powertap reading from Saturday's motorpacing on the indoor velodrome, I decided to "tap" (groan) a knowledgeable person for I emailed Alex of Alex's cycling blog fame. His suggestions were most instructive and as a result I have moved to no "auto-torque" and a longer cadence-reading cycle in the set up menu. Hopefully that, plus zeroing the torque before each ride will have positive results.

For some time I've been aware that noodling around on the infield has given me a zero watts reading whereas the same sort of riding on my road bike does hopefully that will also be corrected (if indeed it is the track bike that is wrong!).

Melbourne has yet again proved itself a temperamental city...the last few days have been hot and while sitting in my study typing this, the computer fan is very loudly going gang busters and I'm dripping sweat.......looks like tomorrow's gunna be OK but then building up to 37 degrees C by Friday.

Its now >3 months since my hour record attempt and I've decided its time to get out of the indulgent diet mode I was in and into a more disciplined approach. So..a belated New Year's and Lenten grog in the house, no cheese at all, no lattes or cappucinos. Hmm..looks like life is going to be VERY boring until I shed the coupla extra kilos I'm wearing.

My big project at work starts tomorrow. Its my job to help move our patient assessment process from something like this:
to something like this:
although detractors of the whole restructuring idea will say it is the reverse! Wish me luck

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