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Friday, 14 March 2008

Beginning to feel better

Yesterday was a haze of sleeping, coughing, visiting the doctor, coughing, sleeping etc. Today started off in a not dissimilar vein, but has been improving gradually despite the 39 degrees sweltering that's happening out there behind closed windows and curtains.

Today's improvement in health and well being has been aided considerably by:

1. an email about my GPS that told me that ACTUALLY it was coming from USA and not Queensland as it said in the description and so I was not to worry about the non delivery..and that they would refund the postage since it's 2 weeks since I paid for it.
2. a phone call to say my TT bike was in and would be freighted down today so I can race it on Easter Saturday
3. and finally word from work that the GPS had arrived and will be in my hot little hand this evening.

Life is good again.

the forecast for the next 3 days dictates that any riding I do will be early in the morning.....

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