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Sunday, 9 March 2008

The long weekend

With Easter being early this year, wage slaves such as myself have been rubbing our hands with glee as we have 3 consecutive weeks that have only 4 working days..yeeha! Today is the Labor Day weekend...the point of which has now been totally overlooked by most of us.

With Alex away doing MTBO training out in the bush near Bendigo..poor bugger it'll be VERY hot there..(we're expecting 34 degrees here in Melbourne), and Phil out east on his trail bike, today is is a catch up day for me. Catching up doing all those things I should normally do, but don't. Like sorting out the mess on my desk, my floor, my cupboard, wardrobe, wardrobe floor etc.etc. 'Cos unlike 1 very lucky reader of this blog, I don't have the bath drawn and the food waiting for me when I get in from my rides.....(you know who you are, you lucky sod!!!), so unimportant things tend to get away from me....!!!!

Yesterday I did motorpacing on the track there were 2 efforts at >50kph and both were great fun, although a trifle tedious after a while. what with those plus "catch up" efforts, I was pretty well stuffed by the end of the 4 hour session. My power graph of the 2nd motorpacing effort was yet again a tad strange:

many many drop outs. Speed and HR were on song..watts and cadence not...had an negative effect on my PMC too. I've had this before but am not sure why, 'cos it doesn't happen every time.

This was the first effort:


Colin Griffiths said...

Chuckle, chuckle! I got in trouble for that post. It's not always like that though. My better half went shopping yesterday. I went for a 57 mile ride AND cooked the dinner, all completed before she got back, so it's not always so easy! At least you will have more time on your hands now for other jobs since you have got your gps. You'll not be getting lost.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

ooh! ah! ouch! shakes fingers!!