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Thursday, 6 March 2008

A Leadership course or "how to talk for a very long time and say nothing"

Sitting through 8 hours of slick choreographed presentations on "Leadership" has left me with a bundle of energy..not for being a better leader, but for a bit of physical activity. I have definitely lost the ability to sit and concentrate for long periods of time; although if I'd been inspired by the speaker it might have been a different story.

This was a course of a commercial nature presented by 2 American talking on Team Building, one on Leadership. I would have chosen Leadership anyway, but was forced into it as I found the other guy's accent really hard to understand.

So what did I learn?

Nothing new.
That some people can talk for a very long time and say virtually nothing.
That Americans are VERY different from Australians ...a no brainer.
That we are all school kids at heart and that when someone stands in front of you and encourages you to "put your hand up if..." its hard not to (!)

One of the side benefits was the opportunity to spend time with colleagues who are located at other campuses and discovering that the problems we had with staff were remarkably similar. We were also of one mind when it came to critiquing the food at morning and arvo tea is definitely sub standard.

After the course I went straight to my exercise session and amazed all with the extra energy.

On a different topic, hopefully today I will be receiving some post as I'm waiting for: a Miche road disc wheel(new), a Garmin Edge 305 (new and from ebay) and a book on riding in Belgium(used and from Amazon). Not too fussed about the wheel and the book, but I hope the GPS comes soon as I have a big training/racing weekend coming up - next Monday is the Labor day public holiday where we get a day off to celebrate the time when workers were awarded the "8 hour working day"...! or at least that's what I understand it to be. Whatever. Its a day off and I'm not about to argue.

Another of our public holidays has also got me scratching my head - apparently for some reason Easter Saturday is a Public Holiday. I work Monday to Friday so I miss out and therefore am allowed to take another paid day off "in lieu of Easter Saturday" or I can get an extra day's pay if I don't want the day off . Weird...but needless to say I'm not complaining.

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Lawrence said...

Easter Saturday = public hoilday may explain why we get Easter Tuesday off. I always thought it was a contrived convenience as that week is always designated a non-teaching week here in tertiary ed land...