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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Rest and Recuperation

Last week was supposed to have been a rest week..instead it was a "getting better from an URTI" week (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection)..or was it hay fever. I spent the week suffering from mega sneezings, hot eyes and a general feeling of weariness....not bad enough to stay away from work but not my usual 100% fit feeling. If I was an Australian male I would have said I "had the 'flu" and would probably have taken a few days off work (tongue firmly in cheek)!

By Sunday I was up for a 100km gallop through the suburbs with Fixmawheel, now known as Madam Power. We cruised down to Beach Road comparing cadence and power readings whereupon I discovered that her wireless powertap took over my wired version's memory so that apparently we were riding at the same cadence. Once we were on Beach road there was a bit of competition happening..Fixmawheel has improved her fitness and maybe wanted to prove it. I, on the other hand, have been better at hills than she and have NO intention of letting her best me there, so I crawled off my sick bed and matched her whenever she took off. Our 1 male companion sat back keeping clear of the fur and feathers! Later on he paid me a compliment by telling me he'd noticed how still my body was, even when accelerating and doing efforts.

Being at the end of another 6 week cycle, I now have a new phase to look forward to with important competitions over Easter, after Easter and during April. How I deal with this with the additional stresses that are being piled on me at work, we'll have to wait and see.

Today I am off to a one day course on "Leadership and Team Building" and if its one of those cringe worthy "ra!ra!" evangelical type things I'm either outta there or asleep and if there's role playing happening, I'm in the toilets all day.......!


Lawrence said...

pfft - which hills deary?? Only the long ones perhaps... I seem to recall waiting for you a few times on hills in the past.... Sick?? there was nothing wrong with you! heh

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

What's this deary bit...I'm the old fart here..its me who calls people deary(!)

For the record tho'.... let's make sure the truth is out there...the ONLY times when you have to wait for me at the top of a hill is either on the first hill of the ride when you've met me at my place and are already warmed up, and as an oldie I take a while to warm up....OR when we're into undulations and you chose to hoon down one and use that speed to cruise up the next when I'm easing downhill in order to get the full hill ain't dat de toof? snicker snicker

Lawrence said...

hmm, well I do understand that as one ages, the memory can fade.... my turn to snicker.. and by the time I get to your house, I've done 2 decent climbs already... so for me, it's the 3rd climb of the ride. As for easy downhill??? Never seen you do that before (maybe cos I'm in front??)....