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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Improving health +ebay woes

Health wise, I'm on the improve, although first thing in the morning I sound remarkably like a drag queen and I have an impressive cough. Its the sort of fruity cough that gets the nursing staff to call us onto the ward to do some chest Physio in the mistaken belief that anything THAT moist sounding MUST be from the chest. Its not, its all throat...hence the voice change. My coach has told me to continue to rest up over the weekend, but that's going to be a real struggle as I'm bored witless already. Maybe I'll grit my teeth and do some gardening...until the temp gets too high..its gunna be another fact a week of scorchers....

My GPS arrived late yesterday courtesy of a colleague who lives close by...I use my work address for parcels. It was an ebay purchase supposedly from NSW although the postal address of the seller was in Queensland, but when 2 weeks later it still hadn't arrived I discovered it was being posted from USA. I paid for it on 29/2, was told it was posted 3/3 but the postmark says 7/3. I shall certainly be asking for a refund on postage as offered and my feedback will reflect the problems encountered.

I've also bought 2 pairs of Adidas Adistar cycling shoes from the UK ebay site, a shoe I've been searching for since 2006. I asked for 1 pair to be posted here and 1 to my sister in on postage and keep under the customs radar. However the seller failed to read my message properly and at her extra expense has posted them both here. She's wearing the postage and has offered to pay customs if indeed I do get stung!!!

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Lawrence said...

Adidas adistar.. sigh.. not talking to you for a week.. jealous!!!