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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My last day of sick leave

Finally I'm feeling more than half way human..thankfully the fevers and generally crap feeling have all gone, leaving me generally a bit less fit and with a cough I can conjour up at will to gain sympathy/underline my reasons for having had almost a week off work.

Since I felt ok, I thought that I would get on the bike and slog up a hill that I had cruised down the other day..if I wasn't up for it, then I'd turn round (sheeesh who was I kidding!?) I'd keep my HR down and just do what I could. Ha! de ha!

The road is called Inverness Road and goes rather rapidly up to a spot on the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road and its just a coupla kms away from where I live...and have lived for 30 years+ and I've only just discovered it.......(!)

This is the read out from the MotionBased software that I am using to read my Garmin Edge data with/to/from/any other preposition of your choice/although naturally never at the end of a sentence. The jaggy line gives an indication of the various grades of hills over the ride from my house to the top of the climb. The other line gives the elevation readings.

For reasons of security, the map gives only the climb part of the ride; in this day and age it would be stupid of me to have the map going from my house on a blog that can be read by anyone - friend/foe, honest/dishonest but I dont think you need too many smarts to know where on the elevation profile Inverness road actually starts!!!!! Ignore the blip at the beginning..its an anomaly.

So how did I go? well there was no HR reading, so I was either dead or the battery was..I had to stop 7 times on the climb to catch my breath.....what did I say at the start of this blog entry??? something about keeping my HR down? HR at all. there nothing quite so good as a low base line...improvement is sure to follow

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