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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Awards ..Lowry and Scrooge

We in Melbourne are very lucky. We are a truly multicultural society and have been for a long time. Melbourne is considered to have the 2nd largest Greek population after Athens and the Italians are not far behind. As a result we have a well developed restaurant/cafe society and as a result can go into virtually any cafe and have a truly great cup of coffee; we are connoisseurs at home but when we travel, we become intolerant coffee boors..

In 2005 my good mate Tabatha and I were in Manchester, UK for the World Masters Track Championships. We both are coffee gourmands and we both love the work of the artist LS Lowry so we went to the Lowry museum. Stupidly, 'cos we'd already tried and failed to find a decent coffee, we stopped off at the museum caff for a quick brew before looking at the art. The coffee was awful, I've never tasted anything so bad..close to dish water really and so the Lowry Award was born..the more stars you awarded, the worse the coffee with 5 stars the dishwater end of the scale.

Today I am instituting another award..the Scrooge Award. Here in Melbourne there is a street called the Boulevard and for years, in the lead up to Christmas, this street has been closed off after dark as virtually all the houses are bedecked with mega Christmas decorations. Visitors donate to charity and walk along the street admiring the effect. Kids love it and its all very honourable and virtuous.

But the habit has spread...everywhere, in all suburbs and in some instances quite grotesquely. Sometimes it looks good..other times its shudder worthy.

Taste is, of course all in the eye of the beholder and none of the photo's I've taken tell the full story . I am also aware that one man's meat is another man's poison...trash and treasure etc but to me this one has just gone overboard with quantity and forgotten about theme and I award it the inaugural 5!

But....loads of people stop, look, take pix maybe I should be given the award for being a modern Scrooge.......

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Lisa said...

Have you ever tried the coffee at DISC? Disgusting! I got one yesterday and it was so hot that before I could even taste it I had taken three milk skins off the top. The smell alone should have forewarned how bad it was - urgh! Tasted like heated up dirt.