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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Relections...the Aftermath

Left alone finally by the paparazzi, fans and adoring family..ha!ha! I've had time to reflect on my effort.

And the results of my reflections?

I could have done better.

I've recovered far too quickly. I had a ride along Beach Road yesterday and had to restrain my self from showing the Asssos/day glo wearers/triathletes just who was the strongest/fastest. It was tough not to give in. Well, actually, I tell a lie..I blew one wheel sucking Bandido rider right off my wheel and enjoyed doing it.

Truth is, I always come away from a race thinking "I could have gone faster", but this time I think it is correct and my HRM agrees. Pacing has always been a difficult concept for me to get my head around and in the hour pacing is king, queen, emperor, parliament, the works. At the time I didn't feel I could maintain a faster pace but the fact that I lifted (on and off) during the last 15 minutes + the 44kph last lap makes me even more sure I actually could have.

So what happened? the following are reasons..NOT excuses. This year has not been a smooth one training wise...I was over tired/ovetrained when Auriel took over my coaching in April and flicked in and out of that situation during the year when ill health and restructuring at work took its toll. This impacted on the longer training sessions, with a truly woeful recovery resulting in the cancellation of quite a few races as I struggled to deal with the training.

So will I try again as I I foolishly said I would?

"Yes" if I can be sure I can make a huge improvement.
"Yes" if I can find another person to double up, for if someone has to come down from Sydney to supervise it, 2 efforts make it cost neutral to the organisation.
"Yes" if I can get the long training sessions in.

"No" if it looks like I can't improve.


Bleve said...

You can always go faster, go for it, Liz.

Lawrence said...

Ha! now I know why you're trying to plant that seed in my little brain..... ;-P