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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A State and National record but no cigar for a World record

4 am and I've not yet managed to get to sleep.....luckily I'm off work for another 2 days, so hopefully I can catch up before my nose hits the grind stone again. result....

Originally my goal was for some where between 38 and 39 km. I thought that was a pretty good distance when comparing with what the younger age grades had managed.

Then on November 4th a Pom, Carole Gandy, rode 39.224km. This was more than I'd been aiming /training for and for a couple of days I was in turmoil...should I bother going ahead given that the target had shifted, or what. In the end I decided to continue although realistically I knew that distance was beyond my current capability.

My goal shifted to:
1. finish the hour
2. create an Australian record

and that's what I did. My distance was 37.5km...150 laps....2 laps shy of being within my original target.

Was it the hardest thing I have ever done? well apart from trying to produce the obligatory sample for dope testing...yes.
Would I do it again? hmmm!..

So, its wrap up time on this topic, although my blog will continue as I chase other cycling challenges during 2008...I might have to compete against women 8-15 years younger than me, but there's still life and a competitive spark in this old lady....might race MTB again.....

If anyone knows how to get rid of calf cramp while riding a track bike..could you let me into the secret???

Anyone want to buy a Colnago dream track bike( see the poster a coupla posts back)...small size and a Zipp disc..the sort you can ride road or track.

Huge thanks must go to my track side team..David, Lawrence, Alex and were gold standard. Top team.
Also my sponsors, Spoke(n), Inspired Orthotic Solutions, Croydon Leisure Centre and Torq


Colin Griffiths said...

Well done! The pressure you have put yourself under alone must have been a strain. My training buddy and I were talking about it and both said we we were suprised that Carol Gandy had not had an attempt. She is an outstanding time trialist on the UK scene and coached by Dave Lloyd. Please keep the blog going!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

thanks colin! I know Carole having raced against her in St Johan and Manchester.
The blog lives! as I've discovered the addictive properties of blogging! I just need to learn how to change its name.....

Bleve said...

Top effort, Liz, it was great to watch and cheer you on.
How much do you want for the zipp?!

Colin Griffiths said...

Go to "dashboard", "settings page" and then "title"