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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Final days

So..I'm off work now until Thursday 0830, and as always the day before a period off work is frantic..ensuring everything is up to date so as not to over burden the colleagues who are filling in for you.

My task for the next 2 days 11 hours and 45 minutes is to rest, hydrate, carb load, mentally set myself and stop worrying. No more training, I'm ready. There is a bit of info on the CSV website about Shirley and myself and the attempt .... you'll need to scroll down a bit.

The weather forecast is great..phew! 25 degrees and fine with moderate humidity.

Thursday's test with my trackside helper showed me that starting slowly then cranking up relatively rapidly was definitely NOT the way to go..this diesel engine cannot deal with rapid accelerations. So the first 4 laps will be a gradual build up to speed. I also discovered that little things and smells really annoy me when I'm under pressure .....someone somewhere within the track complex, or maybe it was someone in a campervan outside was making toast...everytime I went down the back straight there it about hypersensitive. My helpers are going to have to do their thing the way I want or its going to be counter productive...this is a time where I really will be playing the prima donna role!!!! Stamps foot, pouts.

The way the toast smell got to me brought back memories of my running days..doing efforts passed a garden with jasmine in full bloom or someone having a BBQ.. great smell...just not right at that moment. Hmm.. muses...smells I like - the above plus coffee and cigars (from a distance), roses.

Yesterday evening the family went out for a meal together; since Ben's partner is a vegan and Ben is lactose intolerant, we are limited in restaurant options. Add to that the fact that Phil, my better half, doesn't like spice of any sort.....even if we find an appropriate place, the options on the menu are few...for them at least, I'm okay.

Our try last night was "Lentil as Anything" , a restaurant where you pay what you think the meal was worth. The Age did a review a while ago. There are 3 versions of the restaurant around Melbourne; we went to the one at the Abbotsford convent complex; a fascinating place with a fair amount of history attached. The food was of average quality..mine tasted okay but wasn't as hot as it should have been. Both Phil and Alex didn't have enough to eat and attacked the fridge when they got home. The decor was a bit like a kindergarten, the tables all squashed together and it was FULL....very popular and in the end very loud. Getting out for half our party involved either walking over or crawling under the tables or doing some serious re-arrangement of the furniture. The major dilemma for me was what to pay..part value of food, part donation to a worthy cause...

Overall it was what you would call an "interesting" experience. Would I go again?..yes...but I wouldn't be able to drag Phil and Alex with me. Maybe next time I'm tootling on the bike path past the Collingwood Children's Farm, I might take a side trip to the bakery........

Today is also our election day...groan. Voting here is a compulsory event and getting away from the TV and radio for the past 5 weeks and the next week is a must for us non-political animals, so we're grateful that the first of the Revolution series is happening this evening. Even if I didn't want to see the racing, I have to go to pick up a front Shamal wheel for my spare bike..I just hope it doesn't get taco-ed in the racing!!!

That's all she wrote.....


Niki said...

Good luck tomorrow!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

tnx time zones are difficult to get one's head around!! actually its "today". Currently its 10hrs and counting down rather rapidly.