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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

weather, powertap

Is it only a cyclist planning an early morning ride who would think it quite normal to SMSi someone at 4am and not be surprised to get a reply. My SMS was "cancel ride..not sleeping well" (the heat results in broken sleep and 4am was when I was getting back to sleep) and then the response was.."raining anyway".
We Melburnians, in the throes of a VERY long drought, are just not used to having to ride in the rain. Riding in the rain of course is not big deal..what IS the problem is that drivers are not used to driving in the rain and the decreased visibility is not conducive to a long life for those of us on two wheels. Sometime at the beginning of the year when we had gone for an extremely long time with no rain, I had cause to muse on the fact that there were young car drivers on the road who had NEVER driven in the rain....scarey. The forecast for the next few days is now getting more accurate, my contact at the BOM says 32 is probably the worst case scenario but it's, and I quote "a bit up in the air at this stage"!
Powertap failure
It appears that after 2 years faithful service that my SL Powertap wired version has decided to be a prima donna.
It displayed weird behaviour which a hub battery change/CPU battery change and finally wire harness change didn't fix.
What it was doing was starting off reading accurately, then after about .5km, showed only zeroes then dashes
then turned itself off. After emails from the makers seems like it needs a visit to the USA for a health check.
Any powertap users out there seen this behaviour before?

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