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Monday, 12 November 2007

13 days and counting

Yesterday was a complete rest day and I sure needed it...I was stuffed after Sunday's training session.....and in actual fact I still had hang over fatigue during this morning's track session.

here is no doubt about it…..riding a track bike/fixie improves your pedalling style. I’ve have been a cyclist of the racing variety for about 8 years now and for all of these years the words “grind” and “mash” have been the sort of descriptors attached to comments about how I ride .. and this despite the fact that I have raced pursuit and track TT for about 4 of those years. Despite many, many sessions on the ergo over the years targeting cadence, spin is not a word you would use in the same sentence as my name, unless a negative was involved.

However, over the last few weeks 2 people have commented on how much smoother my pedalling style has become and my coach, living in the UK and therefore not seeing me in action but going only by my powertap read outs, remarked on how my cadence has improved...must be all the track time I've put in recently.

Improvement..yes, but NOT so much that I can get away with a problem I created for myself this morning....I left my race chainrings at home and had to do all my threshold work on my warm up gear!

Whoops and Oh dear! ..well I worked hard for what seemed like a VERY long time and my legs spun themselves into oblivion, but I couldn't quite get to the prescribed power levels,,, or more accurately, I couldn't maintain the level for the correct length of time.

So here we are, less than a fortnight away......for some reason or other the gladiators salutation keeps ringing in my ears..."we who are about to die salute you" I becoming a drama queen or what!!!!

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