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Thursday, 15 November 2007

11 days to go now

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”
-Lou Holtz

Another rest day over, another road ride to be done.

I'm now into high level calculations working out what exact lapping times I should be aiming for, factoring in a slow start and gradual build up over a few laps so as not to kill my legs in the first 2 minutes. This is quite different from the pursuit where you have 1 slow starting lap, and then you're on pace, although actually for me its usually 1 slow, 1 ridiculously fast then gradual degradation lap by lap. Like I said before pacing is not my strong suit.

The weather is warming up this week..its gunna be a bit hot over the weekend and knowing Melbourne's weather pattern that probably means some rain early next week before the next build up. Fingers crossed for the warm but not hot stuff on the 26th..warm to give me a fast track but not oppressively so because of dehydration.

Speaking of which I've been reading articles on that topic and the use of sports drinks on this blog which is most interesting. About a hundred years ago I ran my one and only marathon
(one of those "never again" things..perhaps another one coming up!?), it was the 2nd Melbourne marathon and was run on a rather hot day. Afterwards I could NOT quench my thirst...tried everything until finally I downed a bottle of beer! was it because I'd finally replaced all I had to or was it the magic properties of Aussie beer? Hmm..research project coming up (!)

Another blog I enjoy keeping up with is the Podium Sports Journal which is on sports psychology and is where I pinched today's quote from. I've been a fan of Sports Pysch since way back when I had cause to consult with Paulette Mifsud of Mental Potential when I had trouble with concentration, focus and arousal during Orienteering events....I kept on getting totally lost on the way to the first control. She helped me work out strategies then that have helped me with all my sporting efforts since.

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