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Sunday, 11 November 2007

15 days and counting

Today was 4 x 8 minutes at race pace using two gearing options...dither dither..which to go for,the slightly heavier one I can easily churn out speed early but ??will I be okay later, or the lighter one which requires faster leg speed but may be better for me as I get tired.....bites finger nails, looks anxious.....decisions, decisions

Pacing as ever is a problem I seem unable to solve..didn't get many horizontal arm waves, indicating correct timing, from my patient sister who did all my timing today..90% were too fast.....temp was purrfect..26 degrees, 41% humidity and 1026 hPa (whatever that last one means!!).

The big banner is in place in the foyer of the velodrome..I must say its a big shock to come face to face with a life size duplicate of oneself!!!

Ben's Kona team won the 4 male team event at the 12 hour enduro near Bright yesterday but Alex's effort to go in the 100 km(?mile) highland fling at Bundanoon NSW were thwarted by a VERY expensive off he had while riding his MTB on the road ..bent dérailleur hangar and carbon chain stay...$$$$ouch!$$$$

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stratobiker said...

Go for the lighter one. You'll feel better later on when it gets tough. On the heavier gear you'll tire faster, your cadence will drop and it'll feel like hell. In my opinion. :)

Bon courage!