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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Which gear to use

Yesterday's training was all to do with nailing a warm up and deciding which gear to use for the previously usual 52/15 (I'm a masher) or my new friend 51/15.

I have a feeling the my coach set me up......a very short warm up and then straight onto the 52/15 combo for a race pace effort looks to me like a recipe for failure! Hellooooo reading this?!!!

Anyhow..I must admit the 51/15 combo, which I've spent many hours on the for hour attempt, DID feel alot better....the final coupla laps of the 8 will no doubt tell me the full story in a week or so's time.

The warm up was way too short..previously I've done far too much in my warm ups and so have left most of my energy on the trainer...stupid really, but I get so bored waiting around and with my contacts in for the race..can't do any reading to pass the time. Could always take them out of course(!).

After the training session I went to the bike shop of one of our international commissaires and he did an unofficial/advisory only check on my position on the bike. Both the bike and my position passed, so that's one thing out of the way.. the only thing not checked was the weight since I didn't have race wheels on.

The politics around women's classes is gearing up..pun intended. There's an organisers meeting today and an Aus Master's teleconference this evening. I've yet again put our case..I can do no more for this year, but plan on doing mega lobbying for the future no matter what happens today.

To elaborate there are 20 women competing in the 50+ age group..5 are over 60, one was born in 1939 ie 68. We want to encourage not DIScourage people to race. I wonder just how many women looked at the age groupings and decided not to travel......

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