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Sunday, 30 September 2007

This weeks training and the World Masters entry list is up

This week's training has been similar to the last 2 weeks' workouts and finally I'm beginning to put in a bit of oomph to the speed sessions.

Today I went for a road ride with Fixmawheel and enjoyed TT'ing off her wheel along my usual TT stretch of road and sharing the agony up the various undulations along the way. I also showed great orienteering skills by trying to get us lost..I failed. The last 1km included a nasty little pinch which I ended up doing solo...and having to tack up in order to prevent myself from going into reverse.

Then a bit of a rest, food and drink and it was time for a quick session at the track doing starts from the gates at pursuit pace...well that was the idea but my cleat failed to hold on the first try and after a totally skilful manoeuvre I managed not to fall off and cruised around the inside both feet out of the pedals , sitting somewhat painfully on the top tube.

The second try was tentative as everything felt unstable...and then a quick check revealed the damage...a broken cleat it was pack up time.

Next try on Tuesday, followed by a visit to a local commisaire who has agreed to see if my hour record position is allowable; I'm a shorty and so have my saddle closer to the BB than is allowed by the it needs to be checked to see if I'm still within the allowable zone by virtue of my 5'3" height

The World Masters start list is up and there are 20 women in the 50+ group...we're hoping to get a 55+ group..maybe even a 60+...fingers crossed.

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