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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Hunh? the wonders of machine translation

When I get close to the major competitions of my racing year, am struggling with the intense work outs and am getting nervous about the races, I distract myself by planning the next year's program.

So I have been trawling through the possibilities and one of them is doing the 2008 World Masters MTB race in Pra Loup France. So first up I check on this year's results as I know from someone who raced it that its a tough course. For some reason results are unavailable, so I scroll down a bit further and read this and I *think* its feedback about this year's course...

"It would be rather a debriefing, having taken part in the test I would like to rent the quality of the reception and the organization; I regaled myself sportivement thanks to very an owl course (only flat: not enough place at the beginning "to explode" group, from where a stopper with the staircase condemning those taken inside). For me it was not too physical and just rather technical, the broad rise at the beginning missed so that each one finds its place. A suggestion to finish: many runners were accompanied by their children young runners also that that itched to also unstitch some: to set up would a test for be possible for them? Still cheer and thank you and at the next year!"


What exactly is an "owl" course? Any suggestions? and "that itched to also unstitch some"


El jefe said...

heh heh. Thats a classic, an "owl" course. Was good to run into you at the Champs. I honestly do not think the velodrome was that fast Liz. I have trained hard for this event and found myself going .7 of a second slower than when I did my only other ride indoors, with absolutely no specific track training. Dont lose heart for your record attempt.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

tnx jeff..testing happening this week..more later..felt better on the track this arvo..diff bike, diff setup