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Sunday, 7 October 2007

1 week and 7 weeks to go

Counting down has suddenly become a whole lot scarier as it's 50 days til my hour attempt....I've decided to say 7 weeks as it sounds a whole lot longer.

And as for the Worlds... I've started packing the car. Well not quite, but the piles of gear waiting to be packed are growing. I'm also into taper mode, so yesterday was "feet up watching DVDs" time, although after a while the cat claimed my foot stool which is only right since it is her bed...its an elevated platform with a scratching post as a stalk and is JUST the right height for me to put my feet on. We fight for it. I lose 100% of the time.

I am also at the receiving end of somewhat panicked emails from AUS and USA riders regarding the UCI rule (scroll down to page 58) about how far back your saddle should be for the pursuit. The nose of the saddle should be 5 cm behind the BB unless you are short, in which case you can claim the short arse/duck's disease "get out of jail free" card.

To claim this exemption when you present your licence you have to make a request to the commisaires' panel for an on-the-bike check to ensure the front your kneecap doesn't go in front of the pedal spindle when the crank is parallel to the ground. When this is *actually* done is the moot point..obviously it has to be close to the event or you could just go and reverse it back to your usual after the test..but you don't want to be fiddling with saddles just before an event either.

I've had my hour bike unofficially okayed, but not the one I'm taking to Sydney so I'm hoping to get it eyeballed for the TT when it'll be legal no matter what and then at least I'll know if I have to change it for the pursuit. I'm also taking my old Fizik Chrono saddles up with me...they're much shorter. I just wish there was a saddle on the market the length of the Chrono (its the minimum the UCI allows.see above link) but with the shape of the Specialized Jett.

I've heard from Kevin Gill that his Hour Record has not yet been ratified by the UCI ..are we surprised? Bureaucracy at work..hurry up and wait. YOU get it in by the deadline WE set and then wait until WE can be bothered to look at it...........

Hmm, must stop rabbiting on about the UCI..boring!

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