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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Packing, driving,driving,driving sleeping driving,driving.....

So here we day and for the first time when going to a World Championships (and this is my 6th) I don't have to do the usual routine of ..put out everything you want to take, halve it and then halve it again and you are still over weight. No lugging my bike boxes to the vet's or to the wheelchair friendly weighing machine at work.

So of course I've packed everything I could possibly want, and more besides into my 6 litre Holden Commodore station wagon which is now sagging and which will be even fuller on my return as there will also be my sister and all her gear.
After a rather scary incident that a friend endured when their car flipped over many, many times when they were side swiped by another car, I've also now got a cargo net covering all the gear to at least slow down its movement should I be that unlucky.

Anyhow the training for the fast races is over and while I'll be giving it my best shot, for the first time going into a Worlds race, I'm just not there this a "home" ground or a "hour record in November" phenomenon. Whatever.

The trip starts after work this afternoon when I drive to the state border, stopping when I get tired and wherever here is a motel bed vacant. Then the rest of the drive on Friday...takes about 10 hours in total..helluva drive. Boring Boring. Boring. TG for audio books, ipods and the radio

1 comment:

Penny said...

Good luck in the Worlds, Liz !!

I look forward to reading your report when you return.

Penny :-)