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Friday, 3 August 2007

In sickness and in health

If you keep up with with my mate Lawrence's blog you'll know that recently she's been struggling with asthma/chest infections and getting thoroughly disgruntled with the whole "sickness" scene. I've been feeling very sorry for her while also being selfishly grateful that I've not lost too much training time over winter from ill health.

And then last night the gremlins hit.

I lay down on my bed and immediately had to sit up again as I felt VERY dizzy.

Oh no! Labyrinthitis. Again. And I HATE vomiting. I'd had it once before, a viral thingy that caused me to vomit every time I lay down. Lasted a couple of hours, took me a while to realise it was lying down that caused the problem. The cat was fascinated with a vomiting humans get furballs too, it was thinking!

This time was different nausea.

Then I turned onto my left side and got the fright of my life as all the dizzy symptoms magnified to the nth degree and the picture on my wall rotated. Oh ^$#@, that was NOT good. It was the same deal when I turned on my right side. Luckily I had a fair idea of what was wrong so I knew it wasn't a problem that needed a trip to hospital.

Lying down slowly I was fine and eventually got to sleep propped up on a granny load of pillows, determined not to move. Next probs...was it just a dream?.

At work I related my story to our vestibular expert; I swear she salivated! Lunch time came and she took the opportunity not only to treat me but to train half the staff .

What I have is BPPV..benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. The treatment was a Hallpike manoeuvre and what I demonstrated to the tunes of "groovy" " see that?" was bilateral nystagmus. One thing you can be sure to get from Physios, is no sympathy what so ever!..AND what's more they videoed both the procedure and my flicking eyes.

So how does this effect my training etc.. well I'm not going to let it effect it at all. NO WAY. so that's decided. My coach had already declared this next week a TOTAL rest period..perfect timing. So Saturday off, track time Sunday to get practise with the front disc and then Nothing, nichts, nil, pas de, no riding whatsoever for 4 days. What will I do?!

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