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Monday, 30 July 2007

Front wheel testing then Alex, Ben and Cadel

Today was velodrome testing for which front wheel I will use for the hour and also perhaps for the pursuit. Wheels to be tested were a Shamal, a Corima 4 spoke and a Ghibli disc.

The protocol was to do 4km sets on the different wheels at a set watts level. The 4 spoke was first up, then the disc, the shamal and then the disc again.

The result...I think the 4 spoke will get the nod. All were pretty much equal except the second try with the disc, which I found more difficult to control when I was tiring. the disc will be fine for the pursuit.

My heart rate dropped from a high about 160 for each effort with satisfying rapidity.

Second topic=A

Alex has now moved to the Czech Republic after a couple of multi day events where he re-acquainted himself with the complex tracks of the European bush which is close to where people live. His world champs is in the next couple of weeks.

Third topic=B

This weekend Ben, my son, turned 30. A bit of a facer when your younger offspring becomes (in his eyes) middle aged!!!!

Fourth topic=C

Well done little ripper. We're all very, very proud of you.

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