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Saturday, 21 July 2007

25km TT

The 25km TT today was over the hilly course at Yarra Junction, a course that I have raced many times. I can't recall what times I've taken previously, but given the fact that I was given race no 32 out of over 70 riders I guess it was good. Next year I'll be a lot lower down as for the first time I was passed by 3 riders...1/2 minute and minute man drafting nicely together(!) and 3 minute man. I guess everyone has a bad day or two and today was one of mine.

I've cut off the (brown line) elevation numbers as I'd not altered them after a battery change and apparently I was riding under sea level. My HR (red line) shows an encouraging drop on cessation of effort.

The numbers tell all although I'd have to say that a max HR of 254 is a tad OTT. Work 499kJ..hmm I think I managed to get that all back!

The graph. What a pity that there's no way to merge the info from the Polar HRM onto the one Cyclingpeaks graph. There have been many calls for such a merging since the older powertap HR reading just doesn't work.

So where am I in my training plans? Going okay I think. Its always somewhat disappointing to under-perform, but I have to take on board these things:

1...I've just come off a threshold week,

2.. currently work is quite exhausting,

3..normally at this time of the year I'm in top form as I'm just about to go overseas for the world road champs and this year I still have 4 months to go til showdown

4..there are no hills on the velodrome, at least not on the part I ride on!

Long long ride tomorrow with a late start as I plan to sit up watching the TdF time trial.. I've only got a few century rides left as I'm starting to move into quality sessions and bike testing.

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