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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The lost sock phenomenon

We've all experienced it. 2 socks go into the washing machine but only 1 comes out.

You check the pillow cases and doonas/duvets (the alternative names show how truly global I am!) and it's not there. It's not sneeked/snuck inside a sleeve or trouser leg. It's not been distributed to the wrong family member/house mate and so eventually you decide it's gone/died/lost/escaped/whatever.

But how long do you wait for it to come home?

And here comes the point of this waffle....4years? At least 4 years ago, maybe more certainly not less I lost one of my favourite socks...a garish blue sock with a shocking orange top. I have many garish socks, the rest of my clothes are conservative, but my socks are not. This one disappeared in the usual manner of socks and I patiently waited for it to return. It didn't. Recently, around Christmas time I did a big clear out of unused clothes, but in a moment of incredible optimism I didn't throw out any of the half dozen(6!) orphan socks I have.

TODAY the globe trotting orange topped/blue bottomed little bugger decided to come home. Where had it been all this time? What was it doing lying in the middle of the lounge room floor? How had it got there?

I might even start believing in ghosts.


Lawrence said...

Pippi doesn't have a sock fetish does she?

Or maybe the sock has a fetish for cats?

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Suspect you're right there. Doesn't say too much about my standard of house work though does it!!!!!

Gave me a moment or two of mind boggle, but!