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Saturday, 31 March 2007

I lerv making lists

So with the Nats almost over, I can totally focus on the Hour Record and the worlds.
I'm a self confessed anal retentive .. love making plans and goals to the point of being plain ridiculous. So in order to indulge myself I'm now making a list or two (yeah!) setting down what I need to do to make this thing happen

In no special order:

  • Fitness Good and appropriate coaching diligently followed complete with rest..something I find hard to do
  • Appropriate equipment bike, wheels, helmet.... aerodynamic, lightweight plus borrowed spares
  • Gear selection work on what gear and crank length works best for me
  • Advice tips from those who’ve been there before
  • Comfort good saddle, skinsuit, position
  • Concentration unwavering for the entire 60 minutes..40km, 160 laps, 320 bends 320 straights
  • Strength legs and core
  • A good plan well executed ie aim for a manageable distance, ensure plans well made ahead of time with no last minute nasty surprises and have borrowed spares on hand.
  • Dedication to the task
  • An audience

Yee ha! that's the "to do" list, now here's the "already in place" list

  • Fitness Found a new coach, a track rider who’s been there done that and fellow riders willing to help with the drills
  • Equipment Got a new "Blue" aerodynamic, lightweight frame which is in at Spoke(n) waiting for a makeover. Already got a LAS helmet which is very aero but will it be too hot? Bought a pair of second hand well looked after Ghibli wheels.
  • Gearing Too early for def plans yet, but 52/15 on 170 cranks looks the go currently
  • Advice In contact with 4 people who have had successful attempts
  • Comfort Skinsuit. NOT the one I wore for the road TT champs, its chamois was most unfriendly and that was only for 20km. Saddle Fizik chrono feels good. Already been using this for road TT's and track..great for shorty's getting round the "nose of saddle 5cm behind the BB" UCI ruling as at 34cm its the shortest allowable length.
  • Position Up from current pursuit position for sure… this has to wait til the "Blue" emerges from the beauty salon. Gotta find a name for "Blue"
  • Concentration A work in progress, music and people will help and I can can link in my iPod to the PA system.
  • Strength In progress with more dedication this year
  • Good plan The current plan is for November, Melbourne, evening or weekend. My application is in with CA and I will talk to the CEO to find out what happens from here and I have spoken to the Manager of the velodrome
  • Dedication In place
  • Audience Rent-a-crowd of friends will be forced through the doors ie family and their friends, work colleagues, perhaps even my sister who's coming over from England for a holiday.

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