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Friday, 30 March 2007

Masters Track and Road

Well I thought I'd been training for the Pursuit, but maybe not! My Pursuit was VERY average but my 500m Time Trial (42.765) was the best I've done since 2004 (42.579). Tanya and I have locked horns over this race for quite a few years now and this is the first time I've bested her, albeit by just .096 sec.

I was riding a 51/15 on 170 cranks, which is less than I've been training on. Always a difficult I sacrifice time off the mark but am strong through the final 250m or do I get away quicker but really feel like I'm spinning out over the final 125m. New coach said perhaps better with 165 cranks, but that means changing stuff between races, which I hate.

The Scratch race was a bit more interesting than usual. I tried to up the pace occasionally, but lack the acceleration to do damage. Tanya and I were essentially waiting for Shirley to attack, which she did and which Tanya covered quickly...I was a bit slow off the mark, but caught up and and we bolted for home and I managed to hang on for second, Shirley just hanging on for third.

The first of the road races was the Time Trial..cold and windy and very hard on the way out. I ended up fourth by about 10 secs, with Lorraine..what a legend.... coming in ~3 mins faster. Actually I can take comfort..that about the same differential there was between us in Austria..she winning WMAS5 and me coming second in WMAS7.

I meant to catch up with Lindy Hou for a talk about hour records, but didn't get to see her....too cold to hang around I guess.

2 more races and then back to work for a rest!!!

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