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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

One Hour plan update

Although yesterday's racing was less than stellar for me, I managed to advance the cause of the one hour attempt a bit further.

I spoke to Karen O'Callaghan who is an International Commissaire. Apparently Anna Wilson organised a doctor friend oversee her drug testing sample and all Karen had to do was chaperon her to the surgery and check out the toilet to ensure all was hidden phials of "clean" urine stashed anywhere. I think it's a bit less laid back now and I imagine the doctor would have to be registered with ASADA

The other athlete also wanting to do this has plans to go to the world road champs in August and do the attempt after that. Bearing in mind we want the weather to be neutral and the timing of the road worlds in August and the track worlds in October, we think November will be the best time, although late September might be worth a thought. Either at a weekend or a week day evening.

The other thing is that I've bought a pair of Ghibli's..I was just letting people know I was in the market and someone knew of a pair for sale! Expensive but. Hmmm! I'll now have to put my Reynolds road racing wheels and my Corima 4 spokes up for sale to help pay for the Ghiblis . Also the Colnago frame and forks if the "Blue" is good.

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