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Monday, 26 March 2007

3 little piggies' tails of woe

When a family plays together they stay together so the saying goes, and this week we've been very "together".

Alex had his selection trials and although he got 2 x 2nd and a 5th and will no doubt make the team, he made some elementary errors and so did not reach the standard he's set himself. Not happy Jan.

Ben did a lead up race for the 24 hr solo over Easter..the Big Hill 100km ride. He was coming 5th until about 80km but ran out of food, the bonk set in and he ended up 10th. He's too busy to be unhappy - he's moving house.

And me? well I'm not sure what happened to me; I'm puzzled, also not happy Jan.
My legs were dead and I was just not "up" for a pursuit race..I ended up 4th with a less than admirable time and that's the first time ever (I think) I've been off the podium in a pursuit race.
I am now VERY tired.

Lessons from all this..Ben will make sure he has enough food, Alex will work on concentrating better and I'll be asking my legs, lungs and heart where the $#$% they were and what they were playing at, then I will pamper myself with a massage and a rest.