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Sunday, 25 March 2007

Coaching and coaches

I've only ever had one coach for my overall cycling fitness and stayed with him for 5 years (although I have also had track specific input at various times from John Beasley, Paul Parker and Carey Hall...thanks guys). He is very good and gradually brought my fitness levels up in those 5 years, peaking me at the vital times..playing my fitness like a well tuned violin. But once I decided to concentrate on track racing I knew I had to make a change as I felt I had to have a coach who had raced track and therefore understood the practical specifics of track racing. We parted on amicable terms and I will always be grateful to his help in my successes which include 3 rainbow jerseys.

This year's training would have been quite different anyway as I'm aiming for one thing only whereas previously my aims have been all over the place - from a 500m speed fest to a 45km road race and everything in between.

So now I have my new coach's basic plan in front of me and straight away I can see it's very different. I will have no problems adapting since I enjoy a challenge and feel invigorated by this particular change, but it underlines how important it is to plan well ahead and not make huge changes just before a major event.

Planning ahead becomes difficult when your target date moves around!! When and where this particular event will take place is something I hope to sort out very soon. I can easily state my preferences but I also have to book the venue and find officials, who will also have their preferences....

1. November/December after the Worlds warm, against..I'll be down after the Worlds
2. **September before the Worlds: will be peaked, weather variable, will be tired for the Worlds

1. Sydney..Dunc Grey...great track no friendly support, warm weather
2. **Melbourne..DISC... good track plenty of support, variable weather (4 seasons in one day)

On balance I think the support is more vital for me.

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