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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Ben seen here in "fun" mode..a 24hr race in a team of 6

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My younger son Ben.
Bike Mechanic

Ben's an enduro rider..the masochistic type who races round larger bumpier circuits than me for a lot longer than me, ie MTB circuits for 24hrs. What I think is most amazing is that he is still smiling at the end..not sitting or walking very well
Over Easter his brother Alex and I will be part of a crew pandering to his every wish and whim as he pits himself against terrain, fatigue and his stomach. Only a solo rider or his crew would understand the "stomach" bit....
Ben's technical skills are very good; in the past he's done Observed Trials
competitions where you jump your bike onto and off tables, logs etc etc.
and now he's
not a bike courier and/or injured, he's been working hard at his fitness on his groovy and very expensive new road bike.

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