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Friday, 5 March 2010


Me to Ben  last night via SMS  " Hope you had a good recovery day"
Ben to me..instant response(!)...."It was an 80 km race today"
Me..."whoops! got that one wrong! did you go?"
Him....... 6th
Me...brilliant, proud of you!

So Ben and Ryan came 6th and 7th on the day, are lying 6th and 8th overall and are leading the pairs competition by about an hour.

Ben and Ryan are "Team ayup", but I was very disappointed that the ay-up facebook page was only mentioning their solo rider's successes, so I did the interfering mother thing and posted a msg asking them why no mention!!! 

For the non cyclist "ayup: are lights for cyclists ...both road and MTB and are very very good.  In fact, I'm borrowing a set of Ben's light for Italy; my eyes take an age to change over when moving from sunshine to dark...even in that small tunnel on the bike path near Bourke Road and some of those tunnels through the mountains are very long and full of cars etc. Last year someone came off and broke bones when they disappeared into a small pothole, a fate I don't fancy happening to me.

The bike is developing cobwebs but I've promised it an outing tomorrow afternoon.  Today I'm off up into the country to pick up some equipment and tomorrow morning I'm fundraising for the Oncology Children's Foundation.   

The ocf fund research in"pursuit of a cure" for cancer in children and as a participant in the the Italy tour  I'm asked to fund raise  for them.   If you feel you'd like to support them and don't get to see me in person please visit my "hero" page   

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