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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ben's excellent adventures

This is the profile for the race Ben's currently riding and they're  just about mid way.  Ben clearly has a liking for the number 7 or perhaps 8 since not only in this race, but also in Wildside a while ago that's where he seemed to end up on the day.  For this race he's been 7th for 3 stages and 8th  for 1 stage and is currently sitting in 6th overall  with he and Ryan  leading the pairs competition by about 30 minutes.

Me? well I'm still to get back on the bike.  I had planned on riding a bit on  Tues, or Wed or today or tomorrow, but in actual fact haven't and wont until  Saturday afternoon.  Well, maybe its for the best , I do tend to overcook myself.

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