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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Time for a more considered evaluation of last nights sufferfest

I had hoped to get a good night's sleep last night  but an epic fail took place.  Aching all over, with glands up in my throat and with a thirst to rival the Sahara sleep was just not going to happen until I'd drunk Melbourne's water supply dry.  I finally managed to get to sleep at about 4 or 5 o'clock only to wake again at 7am.

The drug testing unit were unable to attend last night,apparently they are stretched to the limits with staff being over in Vancouver  at the Olympics so I was spared waiting waiting waiting for ages while my body reluctantly gave up fluid and instead have an appointment at 945 at some place in the south of the city.  After I've done the deed and had the papers signed I then have to drive to the north of the city to deliver them to the official in charge.   What this has meant is that I've had to delay last night's adult fluid celebration and also be a bit sparing with the amount of coffee I drink this morning. It also means that my plan to get my car serviced today and gently ride into work has been hijacked.

I've had a  look at my files in both WKO+ and SRM and have seen that the amount of time when I was struggling to keep the lap time on the money was from about 21.5 minutes to about 27 minutes, after which I managed to keep closer to my schedule until  cramps hit me first in my right leg and then more severely in my left.  During that ~ 7 minute period, not only did I lose rhythm/cadence I also was not riding a good line which didn't help the cause at all. I was pretty smooth most of the time but my speed over the final 10 minutes is very choppy, from memory I'd feel ok so speed up but couldn't maintain it.  The blue (kph) dotted line is set at close to my final total and so you can see where I really dropped the speed..I think the pix might enlarge if you click on it

Luckily for me I had a good deal of vocal support from cycling friends and acquaintances, work friends and family and this barrage of support every time I rode down the front straight helped me punch through the difficult times. 

 Huge thanks are due to my trackside crew..there was Carl walking the line keeping me up to date with my lap by lap progress and Lawrence the style queen helping me to keep shoulders down, stretch, pedal in circles.....all the things that disappear under pressure.  And finally there was son Alex, who initially was a bit reticent when I asked him to use the microphone to stir up vocal support, but who rose to the task admirable demonstrating totally  unexpected haranguing skills! 

Thanks also to all who came to support me.  Any hour attempt has an element of sameness that doesn't really grab the onlooker and so the fact that you came to watch, support and cheer is very, very much appreciated.  Amongst the spectators were a couple of prime candidates for an attempt in their age grade and they can rest assured that whenever they make their bid for glory and agony I'll be there urging them on. 

In other and equally important news, Ben is going well in his race , he's sitting in 8th place and he and Ryan are leading the pairs competition by a whisker.


Lawrence said...

hahah style queen?? not so sure about that.

BUT!! I definitely think Alex has great capacity for work at Eastland as a shopfront spruiker lol

Not surprised you are feeling as you today/last night. It'll take a while to get over this one Madam Hour! I hope you are proud of your achievement. You did very goodly :-D

Bleve said...

Some more interesting things that happened - early on you picked up speed most of the times that a new song started and that's when I had to wave you down, nath and I want to do some analysis of the splits sync'd up to your song choice and see if there's anything more to it than just an observation under fire. Can I get a copy of the CD you used?

Lawrence said...

Ha! Carl just wants the music, the analysis is just an excuse ;-) I saw him doing air guitar!! :-)

Carl, a similar response happened last time. Correct music selection is crucial.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

thanks Lawrence and actually I'd not thought of Eastland!! might well be right except for the fact that I struggled to hear the music at all..the PA must have been set up to point in only one direction I think.

Bleve said...

It was pretty good music :)

Buttsy said...

OK, music aside and Eastland aside......I have tried to read into the blog, you missed your goal by one lap and sorry about my total ignorance, did you break the record????

It sounds like an hour of pain and I am guessing you did given the mammoth task of delivering one small jar with a yellow lid!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

yup..'cos I was creating the record and now its out there, some old fart will look at it and salivate!

Drug testing has a comfortingly sameness about it and this time I was truly grateful not to have had to produce after the event.....'twould have a been a VERY long wait.