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Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I'm deeply into my 2nd glass of wine as I write this, so if it sounds slurred I hope you'll unnershtand!!

Recovery has been inneresting..firstly last night I couldn't sleep..I was dehydrated, had swollen glands in my throat and was, as my mother said many. many times in my childhood, "overtired".  I tried to sleep but kept waking up, so in the end gave up,  got up, made coffee and accepted the inevitable.

Today's planned car service complete with lazy ride into and out of work was hijacked by ASADA asking me to be at a footy club in the south of the city by 0945.  At this point I was just tired and snoozed happily while waiting for them.

After the drug test (completed easily and successfully) and the drive up to the north of the city with the paperwork, I went to work.  There I accepted congrats and  plaudits..I especially liked my manager getting down onto his knees and bowing deeply!   All were impressed with my recovery..ha! if only they knew.

I'd  revised my plan for riding the road bike which was that I would ride FROM work today and INTO work least that was the plan until about 15 minutes before the end of work when suddenly, very suddenly I became very very very +++ tired and sore.  Even the thought of cycling made me feel quite  ill.

So today I'll be in bed very early..tipsy as well as tired,  and hope to get a decent sleep followed by a full days' work and then  a massage on Thursday.

Next race is the track  States in 12 days time and the  track Nats in April. and  I have to make a gigantic switch from the hour to the 500m TT, while sinultaneously  building up the long distence touring kms. 

Crazy?  YUP!


Leanne said...

Hi Liz, well done on the effort. Just wanted to let you know that I've put some of the photos I took of you on Monday up on my website,not all are there, but gives you an idea. Leanne

Lawrence said...

Great photos Leanne!