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Thursday, 11 March 2010

State Track Champs and other things

These are on this weekend and stupidly I entered the Scratch and the TT....well at least I wasn't stupid enough to have entered the pursuit...I knew I wouldn't be up for that!  I'll definitely front up for the TT but  probably not the scratch..if for no other reason that I should be out on the road doing mega miles...not just a 10 min sufferfest on the roundy roundy round.  The weather will dictate I think, if its anything like last weekend I'll be more than happy to be indoors.

Just like any marathon effort, I'm struggling physically after my March 1st effort...I've developed right knee pain and am just generally stiff and creaky and also unmotivated.  I'd better start improving as I have my pre-holiday stress test next week.

My exploits on the track re the hour seem to have caught the eye of some Italian riders on facebook  and I'm now friends with them and can practice reading Italian on a regular basis.

Its now only 42 days until I fly out to Italy and I just hope big time that the incredibly crap weather that we keep hearing about goes away pretty damn Jens factor drops to basement level in cold and wet weather.

and...I have just 27 days left of fronting up to work...right now I'm excited...maybe later I'll be sad, after all I have worked there since 1985.


Buttsy said...

Sounds like to you need a good physiotherapist......know any?

Good luck on the weekend, we are racing on Sunday with Latrobe Citys Tour De River a three stage road race, the first stage is a Time Trial and my TT bike is in Bills shed in is only 12km so the road bike should be fine, I havent done any threshold stuff for ages so it will be interesting....hope it is flat!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Nope.... don't know any!