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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Training in the heat

Up again at a very early hour to beat the heat and hopefully I'm well hydrated today.  I thought I was well hydrated yesterday but after a massive failure to complete the set  efforts, I drank enough water/electrolytes/juice/recovery drink/coffee etc etc etc to sink the navy (as they say) so perhaps I wasn't. ... well it WAS 38.3 at noon in town.

If I get too overheated I'll bail and take the train home, using my Senior's Card for free transport!!!..I've finally managed to put it with the other cards I take with me while out riding.

Anyhow today is a "social/easy' ride and should be completed before the temperature gets too high.  We're s'posed to be in the garden dong weeding etc later  today, but I suspect it will be another DVD epic as we watch the 40th -44th episodes of :Secret Army" or perhaps flick over to its spoof "'Allo Allo". Or perhaps I need to bite the bullet and  put my stuff up on ebay

Any typos are the fault of my contacts..can't read with them in even although one is s'posed to be multi focal.....

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