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Monday, 11 January 2010

Training in the heat again

Once again I'm up so early I'm probably the only person awake for miles.  It's s'posed to be 41 degrees C today, although I've not checked for an update so yet again I'm into the hot weather training mode...get up early, train, sleep do what ever has to be done (the bare minimum) go to bed.  Repeat.

I had planned to put stuff on ebay yesterday  but never got near the computer. 
I had planned on completing the hotel bookings for Sicily, but never got near the computer.  etc etc

From all this you can ascertain that I don't enjoy hot humid days.  However today is Monday so instead of sleeping after training I have to go to work..but at least its air conditioned unlike our house.  Actually late in the day yesterday I checked the temp and found it was hotter inside than out!

!@#$%^&*()!!  just checked and its going to be 43-44 degrees C     hmmm!  wails pathetically, breaks out in sweat in anticipation!

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